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All facials include blackhead removal and lymphatic ice globe massage. 

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Chemical Peels

An exfoliating facial is used to improve and smooth the texture of the skin. Specific peels, serums, and masks are used to target each concern. Suitable for all skin types and concerns including rosacea, sensitive, oily, aging, and sun-damaged.
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Advanced Peel

Dr. Peel. A deeply exfoliating facial that targets aging, acne, and sun damage. Improves tone, and texture and tightens the skin.


An exfoliating facial to remove blackheads and congestion. Suitable for oily, textured skin.


Removes dead skin and vellus hair from the face. Perfect facial before an event, it improves product absorption and makes for flawless makeup application.


An all-around rejuvenating facial that targets aging, fine lines, pigmentation, and scarring. It improves the tone and texture of the skin.

Million Dollar Facial

The ultimate facial combing dermaplaning, lymphatic drainage, and microneedling. Offers instant and long-lasting results.

Pregnancy Facial

Relaxing Facial to decongest and hydrate. No acids included.

Biofresh Extraction

A deep pore cleaning facial that lifts dead skin cells and regulates oil production.

RF Microneedling

RF microneedling is a combination of traditional microneedling and Radio frequency. It stimulates collagen production and energy to tighten the skin.

LED Mask

A add on treatment to reduce acne, stimulate collagen and elastin, improve healing and minimise redness.
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Stretch Mark Treatment

Microneedling to reduce stretch marks or scarring. Treated areas include the back, stomach, thighs, hips, and breasts.

Bacne Treatment

Exfoliating treatment including Microdermabrasion helps shrink pores and reduce sebum production and breakouts on the back.

Skin Consultation with every treatment


Bride to be Packages

The Organised Bride
12 Month Plan

Worth €1,150

The Nearly There Bride
6 Month Plan

Worth €622

The Last Minute Bride
8 Week

Worth €470

The above packages are customised to suit each clients specific skin concerns and needs.

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